William G Watson

Outdoor,Nature Photographer
Sharing the Beauty of East Anglia
Originally from Central NY

William grew up as a Military child. He had crossed the Atlantic more time by the age of 12 . Then most Americans ever did in their life time.

William grew up loving being outdoors. Although hunting was huge in the State of NY. William  ended up hunting with his camera!

William was in about 7th or 8th when he started shooting sports for his high school yearbook. 

That gave him access to a camera pretty much whenever he wanted it. Plus there was a sweet darkroom in the Art Department.

As he became an adult, having been influenced by programs like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

 John Shaw Wildlife & Nature photographer

  Art Wolfe Wildlife Photographer

 Tui Deroy Moore...The Galapagos Wildlife photographer

 Dr Heather Angel ...

These amazing photographers influenced William's love for Outdoor photography

More to come 

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