William G Watson

Outdoor,Nature Photographer
Sharing the Beauty of East Anglia
Originally from Central NY

Going thru basic training for any military person was a crazy part of their life. But all recruits looked forward to that first little pay check you receive when you were almost finished.  It was to pay the military back for the uniforms you had been issued !

Most recruits headed straight to the Main Bx. The closest thing we had seen to a shopping mall since the training started ! We traveled in packs...but the bx didn't mind because each week there were a new group of graduates !

We walked in the Bx..The group split up at that point. the majority went to the stereo department.

William and about 5 of his friends went to the camera department...Wow what a place !

William's first film camera of his own was a black bodied Canon A1. It was quite a step up from the Canon AE1 program camera that he used at the school.  The Canon camera section was incredible as all the camera makers booths were .

Tech school was next for William. He didn't shoot very many pictures.  Because he was busy studying.

As luck would have William ended up back at Lackland AFB.  This time he was assigned  to Wilford Hall Medical Center. This was a hospital the size of a small town. Being permanent 

party at Lackland was so different,plus wearing hospital whites, made William feel pretty cool !

It was during this short 13 month tour (He got orders to Lakenheath England) that he started shooting  sports on a huge level. After all great weather...a big base. There was always something happening.

William's life was about to change forever. Special Olympics  came to the base.  For a budding sports photographer that was heaven.

As his shooting skills increased, he started paying quite a bit to get his monochrome films processed.  Back in those days most bases had full working darkrooms which were ran by MWR at the time.

William started makes prints of the sports he had been attending. He started putting up the prints on his Dorm room wall.All nice and framed.  Although he shot mainly  sports , people who saw his room wanted their pictures taken.

That's how William started his freelance photography journey !

At some part of this William found a small band of Nature photographers on the base. He became interested in shooting more nature and flower photography. It was also at this point that William fell in love with a film called Kodachrome 64.

William was always in the base library looking for books on different photographers. At one point he walked in the library and one of the featured books was 

Nature & Wildlife Photography by photographer  John Shaw. William checked out the book so many times in the end, he ordered his on copy !

Shooting 35mm Kodachrome 64 & 25 ...thats right they were rated Iso 64  and Iso 25.

After studying Mr  shaw's work and workflow. Slide films reproduced wicked color , specially when shooting flowers.

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