William G Watson

Outdoor,Nature Photographer
Sharing the Beauty of East Anglia
Originally from Central NY

As  William started shooting more and more nature photography .His circle of friends became larger and larger. One gent by the name of Richard Lewis shot his nature photography with a large hunk of a camera. That shot slides about 3x larger than the 35mm slides William had got used too. 

With Richard ...William had his first introduction to 120mm or Medium format. The camera that Rich favored was a Bronica 645 ETR. The first time Rich actually invited William to his house to see his work. After seeing the 120mm slides on a light table. William's photography would never be the same !

After trying a variety of 120mm cameras. A  TLR  medium format ( a camera with 2 seperate lenses )  A Bronica SQA both of these were 6x 6 cameras...A square format of a image.

William fell in love with         6x 4.5  Bronica ETRS-I (15 shots per 120 roll)   

and 6cm x 7cm  Mamiya RB 67 (10 shots per roll )

images with  more of a rectangle format. They seemed perfect for William 's style of photography

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