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My husband and I are excited to share our love for scavenging raw materials and finishing them into a new purposeful life.

We started this adventure in Tucson, Arizona, in 2015. We followed the bulk rubbish pick up in Tucson, and every weekend brought our date nights to a new part of this beautiful city.

We would pick up anything that could be reused either in its original state or could be repurposed. We also picked up items for donation and would clean them and donate them to our base Airmans attic for other families to reuse.

The wood we picked up was old barn wood and weather wood fencing. My eyes were always scanning the endless piles on the curb for old chairs, wooden cribs, and wooden tables. I took any spindles from these items to add their unique beauty to our newly build end tables and utensil organizers.

I would sell these handmade items out of our home and set up a garage market or a backyard garden market for my neighborhood community to walk through at their own pace.

The Arizona weather allowed for many of these outdoor farmhouse markets, and it brought us great joy to share our saved creations with our community.

Now that we are in England, the rainy weather does not allow for such stunning outdoor markets, but it has allowed us to find raw materials still and give them a new life.

My husband has focused more on custom made nameplates, placks, and going away gifts for our PCSing families.

We have enjoyed trying our hand with wood burning and laser engraving to personalise these gifts for our clients. Thank you again for the opportunity to share our passion with others.

To reach Kami & James email @kami24beasley.gmail.com 

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