• Will is a Retired Air Force guy,who fell in love with a British lady and stayed in the 
United Kingdom.

He retired and started working for the BGCA  trying to make a difference with Pre-teens.

Sports & Nature photography have been a passion of his since he was a pre-teen !

William has  loved shooting mainly sports, and nature for  over 4 decades.  

He just loves shooting Outdoors !!

William is also  one of a hand full of photographers based in the United Kingdom. That donates Nature Based Wall Decor to  "The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals "

My Vision...Wgwatson Sports Media...  
 Sharing Action sports memories. Sharing beautiful  moments of Mother Earth

My Mission to promote Sports programs throughout East Anglia

I shoot memories ,that you don't have time to shoot .

Photo shot by my friend John Davis (2015)

For the love of sports

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