WG Watson...aka WGWatson-Media

Will is a Retired Air Force guy,who fell in love with a British lady and stayed in the <br />
United Kingdom.<br />
<br />
He retired and started working for the BGCA  trying to make a difference with Pre-teens.<br />
<br />
Sports & Nature photography have been a passion of his since he was a pre-teen !

Welcome  to my photography world !!   Thank you for stopping by...My name is William

I'm a Freelance Outdoor Photographer based in East Anglia in the United Kingdom!

Being a freelance shooter.I shoot images that I hope can solve a problem  you are having .

Wether its a sport image used as wall decor to beautify a wall space or a place where you meet clients.

Or a digital file that you need for your website or to help promote something your doing .

Action Sports and Sporting events are my primary areas. But I also love Nature & Wildlife photography. A beautiful nature based image enlarged and framed on a lovely wall is a treasure !

My purpose in life at this moment is to do all that I can to help promote the variety of sports taking place in  my area!

I'm a retired Air Force guy ,who had been stationed here in Suffolk twice ! Now i live here celebrating this awesome area !

Please have a look around...Leave me a comment if you have time!

Let me know if my photography can solve a problem for you :)

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