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Because of my Military job. My family and i ended up setting up a home in Suffolk  UK.

Suffolk reminds me alot of Central NY minus the crazy NY winters.

Again having bodies of water very nearby . I found myself going to the water for my relaxation.

I love Suffolk for its 4 seasons so much like I was used to growing up . Having been shooting sports photography for a number of years . Its now 2016 and I find Nature photography once again pulling at my heart. 

I suppose the timing could not be any better. Because I simply want to make images that my Heart appreciates . I'm also hoping to start printing more of my own imagery....a past time that I enjoy but really have strayed  away from.

East Anglia is a region in the South East of the United Kingdom. With a variety of cities as well as alot of rural country  to enjoy .

Most of my Nature photography now has been made in this beautiful area !!

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