William G Watson

Outdoor,Nature Photographer
Sharing the Beauty of East Anglia
Originally from Central NY

Let's start this by saying Mr Watson grew up as a Air Force child. With his dad being stationed at  Hancock AFB at Syracuse New York.

Growing up being outdoors ment freedom to William,especially once his work had been done.

The Finger Lakes region of Central NY is a beautiful part of the United States with 4 very different seasons. William being a September baby.His favorite time of the year was Autumn.

Some back story  William ended up going to Port Byron High School. What was special about this school was the fact. It had an awesome yearbook team. Plus a full working chemical based darkroom.

When William was asked to join the yearbook staff photographer he gravitated to shooting the sports images required by that year's yearbook. Along with that role he was given a Canon AE1 Program film camera. For shooting black & white negatives.

William was also encouraged to take the camera on the weekends. That is where his journey of nature photography started .

On the weekends he could shoot any projects that he wanted,to turn around and process the negatives the following week at school.

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